Collision Repair

Hilo's Collision Repair Specialists

Accidents can do major damage to your vehicle beyond the appearance of the body. Count on MS Auto to repair and service your suspension, wheel alignment, A/C and all your collision repair needs. We take pride in the craftsmanship and quality of our work, and provide a myriad of services for our clients to help them get their car back to being roadworthy and respectable at on an effective timeline and an efficient cost. No matter the extent of your damage, from fender benders to damage that is far more serious, our crew will work tirelessly to return a safe, functional, and attractive car

Frame repair.

When your car experiences structural damage from an accident, it’s common to wonder how much it’s going to cost to repair the frame and whether a DIY job is realistic. The truth is that frame repair requires technical work and making mistakes can be dangerous. This is why it’s usually best to trust the job to a skilled technician, just like the ones at MS Auto. When you bring your car in for an estimate, we’ll generally recommend one of the following three options: straightening, welding, or total replacement. 
Collision repair work final touches performed by expert in Hilo, HI

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Body repair.

Every time a car is damaged, it presents new challenge to collision repair specialists. Our specialists rely on their training and knowledge to determine how to repair the body of each damaged vehicle. Before performing any repairs, we must verify how much damage has been caused and what parts will need to be ordered to repair the vehicle's body.

If the vehicle's body has been severely damaged in an accident, a collision repair specialist usually begins a job by realigning an automobile's frame by clamping the vehicle to machines utilizing hydraulic technology. Our collision repair specialists utilize benchmark systems to get precise measurements and hydraulic technology to reshape the automobile to its original form.

Paint matching.

To determine which variant is on a particular vehicle, an area is rubbed with an abrasive paste and then polished. This area is then "scanned" with a color matching camera that can help narrow down which variant of the color is on this particular vehicle. Once the variant is identified, the color is mixed and test-card is sprayed and compared to the vehicle to confirm the accuracy of the color match.

There are plenty of things that can have an effect on color match (temperature, humidity, air pressure, substrate composition) and many are beyond the control of the painter. The final phase of producing an accurate, invisible colour match is the "blend". This means that in addition to the damaged area that needs to be painted, the colour will be gradually "blended" into the surrounding panels. When done correctly, this will result in a seamless finish that the human eye is not able to perceive as being any different from the surrounding finish. Our techs are master paint specialists that get the exact color you need, every single time.
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